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This TVR came to us with marks of dark staining in the paint and scratches. We couldn’t feel the dark staining as it wasn’t above the paintwork so it looked liked it was under the lacquer. With a machine polish, the dark staining would disappear. We are quite close to a car paint expert, who popped by to explain what it was. The cars panel are made of fiberglass and the sealant on this had broken down between the paint layers and the fibreglass. This was allowing damp to break through. The customer was informed, as our machine polishing was achieving a result but this would not be permanent. The other alternative would be to have all paint removed, the fibreglass resealed then a complete respray. We were asked to complete the job, which we did, but unfortunately after 2 months the marks are starting to re appear again. 

Thank you to Paul at ERB motors  for his knowledge and advice. The customer has now contacted him to arrange a respray.