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Black Range Rover Detail: Hampshire Ceramic Coatings

This Black Range Rover came into to our studio with dull paintwork and covered in scratches. The scratches are visible by our hexagonal lighting which allows us to see every imperfection in the paintwork. The customer wanted the scratches removed and to bring the shine back to the paintwork. They also wanted one of our … Read more

Black Volvo V90 Detail: Southampton Ceramic Coatings

An new customer of ours gave us their new Black Volvo V90 to prepare for a Mayvinci C16 Ceramic Coating. The Volvo came in good condition but needed our new car preparation before applying the coating. We always perform one of our detailing services before applying a ceramic coating, as the coating needs to bond … Read more

Bentley Continental GT Detail: Portsmouth Ceramic Coatings

One of our regular customers and gave us the pleasure in performing our New Car Preparation service and applying a Mayvinci Ceramic Coating on their brand new Bentley Continental GT. The Bentley came in great condition with only fine scratches as it a brand new car. We prepared the car by giving it a light … Read more

Red Lancia Integrale: Hampshire Car Detailing

This car from a private collector arrived looking in very good condition. Outside in the sunlight was all fine, but the customer mentioned that in his garage under the lights there was lots of staining on the paint. We moved the car into our Studio where we could really inspect the paint under various lighting systems.  … Read more

Ford S-Max Detail: Southampton Car Detailing

It’s not just luxury, sports or super cars that also need a detail and ceramic coating, family SUVs also need extra attention. This Ford S-Max was in good condition before arriving at CC Detailing so after cleaning, decontamination and inspection we decided a 2 stage paint correction was needed. The customer also opted for the … Read more

Ford Ranger Raptor: Chichester Car Detailing

Another regular customer of ours asked us to perform a 2 Stage paint correction on this metallic silver Ford Ranger Raptor with the Mayvinci Oracle 5 Year Self-healing ceramic coating. The condition of the vehicle was good for being 2 years old and being regularly used. We first inspected the car for any damage or … Read more

Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda Detail: Portsmouth Car Detailing

This Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda is from one of our regular customers who has a line of classic Mercedes cars and trusts us to bring tha paintwork back to life. We were tasked in detailing the paintwork, applying the Mayvinci C16 Ceramic Coating and detailing the interior, focusing on the chrome. We started by cleaning … Read more