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Red Lancia Integrale: Hampshire Car Detailing


This car from a private collector arrived looking in very good condition. Outside in the sunlight was all fine, but the customer mentioned that in his garage under the lights there was lots of staining on the paint. We moved the car into our Studio where we could really inspect the paint under various lighting systems.  We found in etched in water marks staining over the bonnet and wings and roof. This vehicle was going to need 3 stages of polishing including sanding to remove the water etching.  Water etching is caused by not drying a car off quickly after washing it. If water is left untreated over time, then minerals will begin to fuse to the paintwork, glass or trim. These minerals can begin to etch their way into the surface, creating water-etching. This can happen after a long period of time, or quite quickly.

We tried sanding with a rotary machine but this did not touch it as the deposits were harder than the soft paint. The only solution was to flat sand it by hand. It took 5 days but the result was amazing. 

We also applied the Mayvinci C16 Ceramic Coating which will add hydrophobicity, gloss and self-cleaning properties to the paintwork.