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Ford Ranger Raptor: Chichester Car Detailing


Another regular customer of ours asked us to perform a 2 Stage paint correction on this metallic silver Ford Ranger Raptor with the Mayvinci Oracle 5 Year Self-healing ceramic coating. The condition of the vehicle was good for being 2 years old and being regularly used.

We first inspected the car for any damage or deep scratching to identify areas that may need special attention. Silver cars can be good at hiding scratches so we had to be more vigilante. After inspection, we cleaned and decontaminated the vehicle using pH neutral chemicals. Due to being used regularly there was an excessive amount of tar on the lower seals which we needed to remove before machine polishing.

There were a few deep scratches in the paintwork so we first started with a courser compound to remove them. The courser compound actually removes some of the shine, so we finished it off with a fine compound which brings back the shine and gloss back to the silver paint.

The Mayvinci Ceramic Coating that we applied to the car is the Oracle 5 year self-healing coating. This the best from the Mayvinci line and allows washing scratches to reheal. The coating also adds gloss and shine to the paintwork, along with incredible hydrobicity. The coating adds another layer of gloss and shine to the freshly corrected paintwork.

Below is the finished service.

Fantastic service from start to finish and Michael and his team went above and beyond making sure I was happy with the finish. on my vehicle, on top of the amazing service my car looked better than when I receive it from the main dealer, with its new Oracle Self-Healing Ceramic Coating making it easier for me to keep clean I would recommend CC Detailing to everyone without hesitation. Paul from Liugong Direct – Google Review