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Black Volvo V90 Detail: Southampton Ceramic Coatings


An new customer of ours gave us their new Black Volvo V90 to prepare for a Mayvinci C16 Ceramic Coating. The Volvo came in good condition but needed our new car preparation before applying the coating. We always perform one of our detailing services before applying a ceramic coating, as the coating needs to bond correctly with the paintwork.

Due to the car being brand new, there wasn’t any deep scratches and only needed polishing with a fine finishing compound to ensure any fine scratches are removed, this also enhances the colour and gloss to the paintwork.

The Mayvinci C16 Ceramic Coating lasts for 3 years and adds hydrophobicity, gloss and self-cleaning properties to the paintwork.

Here are the results below.

The customer was really pleased with the results and left us a glowing review!

“Took my Volvo V90, in black, for a new car preparation, followed by Mayvinci C16 ceramic coating for paint and wheels . When I got the car back the next day, the results were fantastic – much better than when I collected the car from the dealer. They even chucked in a load of polishing and cleaning products and equipment to help me maintain the looks. I’m now going to have my other (older) car done. Would highly recommend.”

Rich Wells – Google Review