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Black Range Rover Detail: Hampshire Ceramic Coatings


This Black Range Rover came into to our studio with dull paintwork and covered in scratches. The scratches are visible by our hexagonal lighting which allows us to see every imperfection in the paintwork. The customer wanted the scratches removed and to bring the shine back to the paintwork. They also wanted one of our Mayvinci Ceramic Coating applied to the paintwork and Mayvinci Wheel Guard to the wheels.

We opted to perform a 2 stage paint correction with isolated wet sanding on the bonnet and to apply the Mayvinci C16 3 Year Ceramic Coating, adding gloss, hydrophobicity and self-cleaning properties to the paintwork.

Our detailer, Joe, got straight to work on this challenge.

Joe started by cleaning, decontaminating and drying the paintwork with pH neutral chemicals and removing any debris from the paintwork. He wanted to remove the deep scratches on the bonnet first by using an aggressive compound, however the aggressive compound wasn’t giving enough cut to remove the deep scratches. Therefore, he elected to use the technique of isolated wet-sanding, which will cut at the scratches much more aggressively than any compound would. He used P2000 and P3000 sandpaper which replace the deeper scratches with manageable fine scratches. These fine scratches are much easier to remove than the deeper scratches and an aggressive compound would be enough to remove them.

The scratches down the side, back and on the roof of the vehicle are washing scratches. Therefore, an aggressive compound was used to remove them. After removing the scratches, Joe had to finish off the paint correction by using an ultra fine compound which will bring the shine back to the paintwork.

With successfully removing the scratches, Joe applied the Mayvinci C16 3 year ceramic coating that adds gloss, hydrophobicity and self-cleaning properties to the paintwork.

Here are the results of the amazing work from Joe! Our customer loved the paintwork of their Range Rover.