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Aston Martin Vantage: Chichester Car Detailing


This black Aston Martin Vantage came in covered in scratches as you can see, the amount of scratches would give an appearance of the paintwork to be slightly grey!

The majority of the scratches were caused by washing and poor resprays. We can tell the car has had lots of resprays by measuring the paint thickness using our paint gauge. We decided to perform our two stage paint correction, with some isolated hand sanding on any bird etchings or deep scratches.

Dan got straight to work by cleaning, decontaminating and claybarring the car before starting the paint correction. He started with a fairly aggressive compound and then finished off with a fine compound to bring the colour back to the paintwork. There was some isolated hand sanding on some of the deeper scratches which were on the boot of the car, this just helps remove the scratches which giving more cut than what a aggressive compound could ever do.

Below are some before and after pictures during the paint correction. We can see the difference in colour immediately and we haven’t even done the second stage!

The final result of this car is fantastic, Dan did a great job